My father, of blessed memory, loved and hated jargon, all at the same time.  He loved making fun of it.  And he loved to say that the more the words don’t make sense, the more the speaker doesn’t know about what he or she is talking about.  I love language, like he did and I am disappointed when words are used incorrectly or used as quick, gimmicky explanations for complex things.

Saying too little is often even worse than saying too much.   We all know people who talk too much, maybe I’m one and maybe you are too.  But if you’re talking too much, you run a higher chance of hitting the nail on the head by actually making sense.  Insert the example of monkeys typing on a typewriter and eventually they’ll write a masterpiece.  Saying too little is much larger risk.  Everyone loves brevity, but complex issues with a number of separate parts sometimes need to be fully explained in order to make informed decisions and have truly meaningful discussions that result in progress toward something.   There’s not much more to discuss without getting specific and therefore too long for anyone to read.

Here are some of the words that I’ve heard recently that, out of context and without definition paint such a large swath of possibility of meaning that I find are virtually ineffective, and because of my dad’s influence on me, comical:

  • relational 
  • DNA
  • relevant
  • procurement
  • radical
  • teeth
  • harmony (not the musical kind)
  • brand

I have a feeling that more words will come to mind, and soon.

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