Technology is a passion of mine. I love it.

I’m fascinated by organizing information in a way that makes life easier, or so I hope. Like most loves (or hobbies), I struggle with it. I am sometimes distracted by it, I am sometimes consumed by it, I sometimes get mad at it, sometimes I want it to read my mind, and other times things go so smoothly, I am almost giddy about what this hobby and necessary tool can help me accomplish.

The combination of hobby and daily use with technology can be a tricky one. Since I love using Excel, for example, I always want it to do more, and getting those results can be pretty darn complex. I use Outlook for calendar and mail as well as iCloud and iOS for plenty.

Talking across Mac and Windows platforms is definitely much better than it used to be, but there is a still a divide. Bridging the gap while striving for perfect integration is tenuous balance.

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