Getting older is a sucky fact of life, and I’m becoming aware of how different integrating new technology and new systems can be, into my soon-to-be 40 year old brain. When I was a kid, really a kid – 16 – I could memorize things much easier, especially tech things like keystrokes and commands. Now, I can hardly seem to remember my own phone number. Some of it is probably the hardening of my brain and being stuck in my ways for so long. But some of it is ever-changing methods that Microsoft Office products, in particular, need us to adapt to with every new version.

Remember the blue screen word processor, WordPerfect? If so, you probably also remember that the print command was Shift-F7. Maybe I am disposed to keyboard shortcuts – I find taking my hands off the keyboard to use mouse clicks annoying, especially while writing or working with numbers. Fortunately, almost every command I can click with a mouse in any app in Office can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts. Some shortcuts are even customizable for geeks like me that think Microsoft should have done it ‘my way’.

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