I love headphones.  I have a slew of cheap sets of ear-buds that come with various Apple and old Blackberry products, many I find in coat pockets when winter rolls around again from colder days of yore.  But recently, with some upcoming travel and home needs of watching iPad videos while my wife watches the television in the room, I decided to research noise cancelling headphones.

My research included over the ear units that completely surround the ear.  On the ear units that sit on top of the ear and in-ear buds.  The one requirement for me was that there was a noise cancelling component.  There is a big difference in the technology between noise cancelling and sound isolating.  Noise cancelling technology uses an acoustic principle that listens to background noise and creates the acoustical opposite of that noise to make it much, much quieter.  It works best with constant background noise like airplane engines or other ambient sounds.  Then, the headphones can reproduce the sound that you’re feeding from your iPad or other device which makes it easier to listen to.  Sound isolating headphones simply plug your ears tightly and exclude sounds from the outside.  Cancelling headphones use electronics to counteract the sound that exists outside of the headphones.  

I love my Bose QuietComfort 20i – they are handy and work exceptionally well!

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