The care of the self and others is at the core of many belief systems. 

For you, those who run toward danger and help others escape from it; and you, who care for the sick and the needy; and you, who are sworn to protect others while potentially putting yourselves in harm’s way, these uncertain times must bring about even more uncertainty for you – more shifts, more potential isolation, more risk and more worry. 

May you feel supported by your communities and colleagues, may you feel the love of your family and friends and those who you deeply care about.  May you be inspired by the goodness that lies within your spirit.  May you be uplifted by those who trust in you and rely on you for safety and health.  May God bless you, the work of your hands, the gifts of your mind and the kindness of your heart. You are loved by and Unending Love, the love of God. May God watch over you and protect you from all harm.


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